Express Yin - For Tight Hamstrings


In this yin yoga sequence we are stretching and lengthening the hamstring to increase their flexibility. Typically, most people find opening and lengthening of the hamstrings challenging. Because it also replies on flexibility and strength of the hips and knee joints along with the glutes. Hamstring muscles are a group of 3 muscles that reside at the back of the thighs, and as a group, extend from the hips, and down to the knees, also intertwined with the sciatic nerve. This group of muscles are important for everyday activities like walking, running, climbing, and sitting. With inflexible and weak hamstrings, it can cause injury as well as putting unwanted pressure on other areas's of the body, including ligament tears, back pain, and knee injury or pain. Props: blocks, bolster or pillow.


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