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This year give the gift of relaxation and healing, through the magic combination of Epsom salts, flowers & essential oils.

Bath salts have endless benefits but sometimes their healing properties can be overlooked. So, let's just highlight a few; they nourish your body from head to toe by easing muscle pain & tension, cleanse negative energy, improve your sleep, often sleeping longer and deeper after an evening salt bath. They also balance hormone levels by replenishing your body’s magnesium and lowering inflammation. Plus... by breathing in the aromatherapy of all the oils it calms your whole nervous system. So you really are giving the most magical gift of all this year. With just 4 ingredients, 3 pieces of equipment, and 3 steps, your Aromatherapy Bath Salts will be created within 10 minutes. It really is a fun, stress free DIY Gift to make! If you have experience with Essential Oils, this is the time you to get creative with a personal scent or healing properties suited to the person whom you are gifting it too. Otherwise we have 3 amazing suggestions, "Christmas Liquid,' 'Keep Calm - the inlays are Coming' and 'Love in a Bath.' Plus printable labels to make your bath salts look professional! Download your FREE DIY GIFT GUIDE now!

DIY Guide - Aromatherapy Bath Salts
Download PDF • 11.89MB


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