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Hello Beautiful Being

Thank you for entrusting us on your wellness and healing journey.

My Journey 

Yoga fell into my life at a time when my health had deteriorated, I was highly anxious, stressed and extremely burnt out. It was the catalyst for my healing journey and like most other healers, I had a desire to share the wonders of yoga with the world.


I completed my first yoga teacher training in 2016 and have not looked back since. Teaching has been a continuous journey of growth and transformation which is why my style of teaching is very holistic and is so much more than just 'yoga poses'.

After 8 years of teaching, tons of research, and countless hours of continued training in yoga theory & prenatal yoga. I have developed a specific teaching style that focuses on healing mind, body, and soul.

I focus on nourishment over punishment, and working with each individuals concerns or goals. I use breath work, sound, meditation, yoga theory, poses, energetic body work, and more to bring you to a place of deep inner peace.

I am thrilled to be working with you and I look forward to our 'Be Nourished' sessions together.

With love

Brooklyn Downing


My Journey 

Over the past 4 years, Energy Healing,  (reiki  and acupressure) has helped me beyond explanation. 


Helping to heal past traumas, rebalancing my nervous system, cleansing my energetic energy, easing physical pain, increasing my depleted life force and has assisted me through my pre and post-natal seasons. Some sessions huge blockages are worked on, whilst others are everyday build ups from general life stressors.

Whenever I find things that have had profound impacts on my healing journey, all I want to do is share it and offer it to others. So in 2023 I became a certified Energy Practitioner, and created a treatment that not only harnesses one ancient healing technique but two, Reiki and Acupressure. This allows me to work on an energetic and physical level. Energetically to cleanse stagnant energy, to release past trauma's, to unblock, to balance your chakras and to reignite your energy. Physically to release tension, to balance your autonomic nervous system, and to help alleviate a wide array of medical conditions.


Whether you are going through big or small, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual hardships know that you are not alone. Let’s walk this journey together.

With love

Sheriece Robinson

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